The GH Bass Loafer Design

Choose supportive comfort with a GH Bass shoe, meticulously crafted to create a contoured fit to cradle the foot with the added luxury of a foam cushion insole. To craft the iconic crimped “beef roll” design of the Penny loafer shoe, the edge of the shoe leather is gathered and hand-sewn using two needles. 

Choose from the modern Larkin Tassel loafers or the classic Larson Penny loafer design, in black, chocolate and brown colourways and leather stains. Elegantly pair with upturned denim jeans for a truly versatile slip-on, slip-off style.  

GH Bass UK

Born and bred in the USA, the original Penny loafers, GH Bass Weejuns, have thankfully made their way over to the UK bestowing us with traditional style with a modern flare. Shop Bass’ Weejuns and Penny loafers from A Fine Pair of Shoes today for free 24-hour shipping over £40 and the flexibility of an extended returns period of 45 days if you happen to change your mind. With truly classic, original designs and brands steeped in shoemaking history, choose quality, tradition and a truly fine pair of shoes. 


Where are GH Bass shoes made?

GH Bass shoes are hand-stitched in El Salvador, the GH Bass shoe design and heritage still remain in place from the original American (Norwegian-inspired) design. Now available globally and in the UK, shop with a Fine Pair of shoes for fast, free delivery over £40. 

Can the Weejuns be resoled?

Yes, absolutely. Take care of your loyal leather loafers, ensure they stay dry and polished to maintain their quality for years to come. For the loafer that keeps on giving, resole your shoes as and when needed. 

How do I take care of my Weejuns?

Occasional resoling when needed along with proper leather care and maintenance will help extend the longevity of your much loved and loyal loafers. Remove dirt and dust with a soft clean brush or cloth followed by a light wash with a damp cloth. Follow with a small dab of shoe polish, working this gently into the leather, for a polished shine and a truly fine pair of shoes. 

Why are GH Bass Penny loafers called Weejuns?

Named after and inspired by the Norwegian farm shoe, originally designed for ‘loafing in the field’ the Weejuns loafer name was affectionately named after the traditional Norwegian farm shoe. Re-designed and reinvented with the GH Bass name whose legacy lives on today. 

How do GH Bass Weejuns fit?

We recommend sticking to your usual shoe size with the Weejuns loafer. They generally fit true to size.