Our Astorflex Range

Our range of Astorflex boots and shoes includes Astorflex’s dessert boot and Chelsea boot styles, for both comfort and style.  The ever-popular Astorflex Greenflex and Astorflex Dukeflex -available in tones of Dark Chesnut, Dark Khaki and Whiskey- introduce both comfort and footwear flexibility in a way that's built to last.

Built to Last, Astorflex Boots and Shoes

Made with vegetable-tanned Italian leather and water-based adhesive, Astorflex shoes are meant to be loved, styled and worn with the purpose of a sustainably extended lifespan. All shoes can be resoled, cleaned and maintained through simple steps to keep them looking sharp. With the help of Astorflex you can give your shoes a “second life” with their second life service or follow their handy guide on cleaning and maintaining your Astorflex shoes.

Astorflex FAQs

Can Astorflex shoes be resoled?

Yes! Astorflex shoes are designed and created with sustainability in mind, Astorflex shoes and boots can be resoled and restored. 

Are Astorflex shoes and boots sustainable?

Yes! Sustainability is at the heart of the Astorflex brand. The design and craft process uses an eco-friendly approach, using sustainable materials and a range of sustainable practices. 

Where are Astorflex shoes made?

Astorflex shoes are sustainably designed and built in Italy using traditional Italian shoemaking techniques passed down through six generations of the Travenzoli family.

Is it worth resoling shoes? 

Astorflex shoes are designed to last! With proper care, you’ll enjoy the comfort of your Astorflex shoes for years to come. Resoling shoes is far more pocket and environmentally friendly than shelling out for a new pair of shoes.