1. Remove any laces from the shoes and insert shoe trees into the shoes to help maintain the shape. Then brush the leather with a stiff bristled brush to remove any surface dirt or dust. Make sure to use a clean brush for this job. If brushing your shoes does not remove all the dirt, dampen a cloth with water to clean away the stubborn dirt, then leave to dry. 
  2. Now the leather is clean you can rejuvenate the leather. Wrap a soft cotton cloth around your first two fingers and apply a small amount of greasy leather cream to the leather. Work the product into leather working in circular motions to cover the entire shoe. 
  3. Buff the leather with a polishing brush to make the overall appearance more consistent.
  4. Please note that waxy leather is made from high quality leather that’s been infused with a wax and oil compound to make it firm but flexible while naturally repelling moisture and protecting the leather. The wax creates a scratch-sensitive finish and it is common for it to get a distressed patina over time (which is a desired effect). Scratches can be disguised with a firm rub with a cloth or by following the steps above.

Recommended Products

AFPOS Cedar Shoe Trees.  A great generic sized tree, ideal for filling out the shoes, stopping creases and helping you to polish against a firm surface.
AFPOS Horsehair Polishing Brushes. Perfect hand sized brush stuffed with stiff horsehair bristles. Makes the ideal choice for brushing loose dirt from your footwear before polishing.
Saphir Medaille D’Or Large Polishing Cloth. Available in a large and small size. The ideal fabric for applying polish and then buffing afterwards. A staple for any care kit.
Saphir Medaille D'Or Oiled Leather Cream. This neatsfoot oil-based cream is perfect to condition, waterproof and recolour oiled leather types such as chromexcel and other oily leather types. The cream also does a great job at restoring the matte silky looks of your boots since most other shoe care products contain a form of wax to create shine.
AFPOS Ultimate Polishing Brush. Ergonomic shoe shine brush with handle. Black or Natural horsehair bristles and ergonomic handle. Rounded edges all round to minimise potential damage to shoes, curved brush base for ideal brushing. High density bristles for maximum effect when brushing.