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 The NPS Shoe Heritage

In 1881, five men living in the village of Wollaston banded together to form a co-operative called the Northamptonshire Productive Society (NPS Shoes) initially to supply the Government with army boots. Since then, footwear has continually been made at NPS Shoes. For 35 years NPS Shoes produced “Sole-of-Air”, Solovair shoes and boots under licence, these were sold under the name ‘Dr Martens by Solovair’. By combining over 130 years of traditional craftsmanship and tooling with the latest technology and materials, the NPS Classics range continues to produce some of the finest quality footwear here in the UK.

NPS Solovair Sustainability

Passionate about sustainability, the NPS closed-loop waste system ensures minimum waste of leathers or materials end up in landfill. Crafted with materials sourced from Europe and where possible, locally from the UK too, where all shoes are designed and made. All NPS footwear is fitted with ‘Soft Suspension’ soles for maximum comfort and durability. However, that's not all that's good, these soles are designed to be easily replaced and recycled when worn down, meaning you’ll get plenty of wear, year in-year out from your Solovair shoes. Good for the earth, good for your pocket. 


What is your UK delivery and returns policy?

We offer free 48-hour delivery on any order over £40 for delivery within the UK mainland. All orders over and under £40 you are welcome to choose from an array of delivery options including 24-hour and next-day delivery. With regard to returns, our return policy extends up to 45 days and returns are completely free when returning from within the UK. Please consult our returns policy for more information. 

Can NPS Solovair shoes be resoled? 

With proper care and maintenance of the shoe leathers and if the welt has minimum wear and damage, the Solovair sole can be removed and resoled. Leather uppers will always have a longer life than your shoe soles when properly cared for.  Solovair soles are recycled when resoling directly with Solovair. 

Are UK NPS Solovair shoes true to size?

Solovair shoes are made to be a little roomier down to the boot-like nature of the shoes, running about half a size bigger than standard footwear. We recommend sizing down by 0.5, check the NPS shoe size guide below for more sizing information.

Are NPS Sovolair shoes handmade?

Yes, the Sovolair shoes are all handmade in the UK using materials sourced from Europe and locally within the UK where possible.