Renowned for timeless style, our British-made men's shoe range includes a selection of handpicked brands boasting renowned quality and craftsmanship for a truly fine pair of shoes. Invest in a fresh new pair of English shoes for men to last many years to come. Take care of your British-made shoes and they’ll take care of you, choose high-quality, durable shoes, built to last with proper care and attention. With regular clean and care your beautifully British shoes could take you through many decades. A timeless classic addition to any man's wardrobe.


[H2] Our Beautifully British Shoe Brands 

British shoes are steeped in shoe-making history, things may have changed over the years, including machinery and techniques. However, one thing has remained a constant. Beautifully British men's shoes are a staple for the distinguished gentleman. High-quality British-designed and made shoes provide the definitive full stop to an elegant, stylish fit. Made using traditional methods often passed down through generations of shoemakers, producing outstanding craftsmanship, British-made shoes are designed and made for truly timeless style.


British-made men’s shoes and boots by Trickers 

Highly renowned British shoemakers Trickers use the traditional Goodyear welting process in the construction of their shoes and boots. Goodyear welted shoes allow for multiple resoles throughout the shoe's lifespan due to their stitching and detachable sole. Shop quality leathers and classic designs by Trickers including Country shoes like Derby shoes and boots.


English shoes by Paul Sargent 

Specialising in Goodyear welting shoemaking techniques, English-made Paul Sargent shoes use high-quality leather as well as skilled craftsmanship to create classic men's shoes.  Sporting both comfort and durability our Paul Sargent range includes classic country boots and Oxford shoes. Invest in high-quality, durable shoes that last year after year with proper care and sole replacement.  


British-made Sanders shoes 

Shop military-style shoes and boots designed and crafted for strength and durability. Constructed with hard-wearing, durable materials for longevity, the Sanders technique boasts a rich heritage of craftsmanship. For a timeless, rugged military-style shoe English shoe brand Sanders sports chunky, sturdy boots and Goodyear welting, built for the great outdoors. Including classic Derby boots and fun styles like the Chukka boot.


British shoe brand Solovair shoes

Goodyear welted British shoes by Solovair are famous for their well-recognised and iconic British boot style. Upper linings and welt are stitched together rather than glued for extended longevity of your Solovair boots or shoes. Take care of the uppers and your Soloviar shoes or boots could carry you through years of wear as the soles can be replaced time and time again. 


Shop English Shoe Brands with A Fine Pair of Shoes

Choose quality and durability with A Fine Pair of Shoes and choose from our diverse range of English shoes for men. For quality, Goodyear welted shoes that last year after year, resole after resole, invest in a pair of truly British, timeless, shoes boasting style and luxury, whatever the occasion. Shop with A Fine Pair of Shoes and invest not only in a pair of quality, local made shoes but invest in yourself and your wardrobe too with timeless designs to compliment your dress. Our range of British shoe brands includes free shipping and returns for all customer orders over £40.


How can I take care of my Goodyear welted English-made shoes? 

Our leather care guides cover all leathers and leather finishes so you can take care of your shoes, time after time with ease. Ensuring your shoes/boots last year after year with easy resoles down to the Goodyear welted soles. 

What is your returns policy?

UK returns are free, all in the aid of you finding a truly fine pair of shoes for your collection. Our 45 day returns period ensures you have plenty of time to make up your mind, we want to ensure you get the perfect set for your feet. 


What other shoes do you carry in your entire collection?

In addition to the British shoe brands we carry, we also carry Italian or American-made shoes and boots like Astorflex and G.H.Bass footwear.  


Where in the UK are English shoes made? 

A lot of British-made shoes are made in Northampton, home to British shoemaking dating back to the 13th century. Originally the area was rich in oak bark and the area was also close to cattle farms which provided high quality leather.