1. Remove any laces from the shoes and insert shoe trees into the shoes to help maintain the shape. Then brush the leather with a stiff bristled brush to remove any surface dirt or dust. Make sure to use a clean brush for this job. 
  2. Now the leather is free from any dirt and dust, you can apply Mirror gloss. To apply this, use a soft cotton cloth and wrap it around your first two fingers, rub the cloth in the wax letting the heat from your fingers melt the wax slightly. Apply a small amount to the leather and work it in with circular motions making sure to keep to the toe box and heal areas. (Mirror gloss will crack when dry if applied to moving areas of the shoe). Add a few droplets of water to the leather to aid with the shining process. When you are happy with the shine, leave the shoes to dry for half an hour.
  3. After the shoes have been left to dry for half an hour buff out the polish with a Chamois cloth. This will remove any left-over swirl marks on the leather.

    Recommended Products

    AFPOS Cedar Shoe Trees. A great generic sized tree, ideal for filling out the shoes, stopping creases and helping you to polish against a firm surface.
    AFPOS Horsehair Polishing Brushes. Perfect hand sized brush stuffed with stiff horsehair bristles. Makes the ideal choice for brushing loose dirt from your footwear before polishing.
    Saphir Medaille D’Or Glacage High Shine Kit. This Saphir kit includes all the products required to create a mirror gloss or glacage finish on your leather shoes. Contains: your choice of Mirror Gloss Polish, Glass water dispenser, cotton cloth, cotton bag.
    AFPOS Goat Hair Polishing Brushes. A cashmere goat hair brush is the ideal choice for a patent leather. The ends of the goat bristles are so soft so that tiny lines and stripes are not left when polishing. This allows for a far superior shine.
    AFPOS High Quality Chamois Leather. This large piece of Chamois leather is the perfect polishing cloth for creating a high shine finish on your leather shoes. Use the Chamois after applying polish and brushing as a buffer.