1. Remove any laces from the shoes and insert shoe trees into the shoes to help maintain the shape. Then brush the leather with a soft brush to remove any surface dirt or dust. Make sure to use a clean brush for this job. If you cannot remove all the dirt with a brush dampen a soft cloth with water and rub any stubborn dirt off. 
  2. To cleanse and shine the patent leather use Vernis Rife.  Apply sparingly with the enclosed cotton cloth. Leave to dry, then buff to a shine with a selvyt cloth.

Recommended Products

AFPOS Cedar Shoe Trees. A great generic sized tree, ideal for filling out the shoes, stopping creases and helping you to polish against a firm surface.
AFPOS Goat Hair Polishing Brushes. A cashmere goat hair brush is the ideal choice for a patent leather. The ends of the goat bristles are so soft so that tiny lines and stripes are not left when polishing. This allows for a far superior shine.
Saphir Vernis Rife for Patent Leather. Specialist cleaner for all patent leathers, cleans, protects and shines. Available in black or neutral.
SELVYT Velvet Polishing Cloth. Known by the military and jewellery trade for their high quality job-specific cloths, these velvet feel cloths are an ideal addition to your shoe care kit. Lint free woven cotton velvet with a raised surface to lift particles to leave a perfect finish.