We are delighted to announce that we have the brand new Flex Walk range of loafers and chukka boots in stock.

Heres a link for you https://www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk/search?type=product&q=flex%20walk*

A classic and comfortable loafer from the Spanish makers Berwick 1707, this loafer represents men’s footwear stripped back to its essential form and rendered using exceptional reverse kudu suede and lightweight white rubber sole. As a result, they slip on and off effortlessly, offering unrivalled comfort.

Why choose reverse kudu 

Kudu is an antelope from southern Africa, whose skins are unique in combining softness with inherent strength. The finished leather has a luxuriously soft suede on the reverse side. Despite the strikingly soft touch on the suede side, the leather also maintains a high degree of strength.

Product Details: 

  • Known as the “cashmere of suedes”, the Kudu Suede has a luxuriously soft, buttery touch.
  • A unique appearance and unparalleled comfort.


June 08, 2022 — Julian Nelson

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